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Raising Dough: Social Responsibility

Download the application for the “Raising Dough” Program.

Our new program designed to support local charities and non-profit organizations is called “Raising Dough: Social Responsibility”. Since 1998 DZ Restaurants has raised nearly $100,000 through our fundraising initiatives for the Saratoga Springs and Clifton Park communities. Our new program, similar to Raising Dough and TWELVE, will contribute a donation equal to 30% of sales on the day of an organization’s event, but will also now feature a social media component that will allow organizations to earn up to an additional $1000.

In the past, DZ Restaurants has been the one to select organizations for participation in our fundraising programs. However, we thought it time to give our guests and the supporters of local charities the chance to tell us who they want to see featured.

All non-profit organizations who apply to participate in Raising Dough: Social Responsibility will be part of an open vote that takes place annually in March. A link to an online voting survey will be sent to all participating charities as well as to DZ Restaurants Preferred Guest Members. Participating organizations will be encouraged to send the survey link to their supporters in an effort to get as many votes as possible!

All respondents to the survey will be asked to vote for their top three charitable organizations. The top 12 organizations receiving the most total votes will be featured during a month of the upcoming Raising Dough Calendar.

Our success relies on the strength and support of the communities in which we do business and would welcome any 501(c)3 non-profit organization’s participation in the Raising Dough: Social Responsibility program.

There is great opportunity for your organization to benefit from this partnership. Please review the application below and contact Director of Marketing Bill Gathen at 518-583-1142 with any questions that you may have. We look forward to learning more about your organization and hope you will consider applying for the Raising Dough program.

If selected:


  • Organizations will be emailed a promotional tracking piece in advance of their event. It is the responsibility of the organization to email and/or print the tracking piece to distribute to their supporters.  Each month will feature one of our 4 restaurants and organizations will be paired with one of our restaurants once the calendar is put together. Supporters can dine at that restaurant on the featured day.
  • The organization will receive a donation equal to 30% of all food and beverage sales from guest checks on the reserved day that have attached tracking piece.
  • Raising Dough: Social Responsibility will occur on the 3rd or 4th Sunday of the month (based on possible Holiday conflicts)
  • Through a series of Social Media “Challenges” throughout the assigned month including Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest the organization will have the opportunity to raise up to an additional $1000 (Full details of the challenges will be sent out winning organizations.)