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Owners Nicholas & Nicole Porreca purchased Pasta Pane in October of 2015. They reside in Saratoga Springs with their twins, Sonny and Lila. Pasta Pane is a warm neighborhood restaurant with a focus on fresh, simple cuisine with a passion for taking care of all guests that walk through the door.

Pasta Pane (or Pasta and Bread) provides the community with a cozy, inviting space, delicious home-style meals, warm bread baked daily in our oven and fresh pastas. The design of Pasta Pane is based on the simple concept of beauty, warmth, tradition and presents a fusion of unpolished stone and raw materials for a rustic ambiance.


Inspired by the wood-fired oven, visible to all from the dining area, Pasta Pane's menu consists of a wide variety of simple, robust Italian cuisine that truly make the restaurant unique. The Porreca family welcomes guests to enjoy a casual, refined experience, terrific service and a relaxed atmosphere every night.